• Becoming a parent in a safe and peaceful environment
  • A haven of peace after giving birth
  • Take care of yourself after your child's birth

A newborn's arrival is a complete change in your lives and daily routines

Indeed, it is both a blissful and fragile stage where both the health and development of your newborn child are at stake. New parents need to have peace of mind and boost their morale and health in order to focus completely on their newborn child. COCOON Postnatal Care has prepared for them a comprehensive, innovative and integrated offer in a unique location:

The COCOON postnatal center, a pause to recharge after the birth, a place to recover from 9 months of pregnancy and delivery. For the new mothers to start getting back in shape for the coming months, for the new parents to learn about newborn care with a sense of security, and to prepare them to face the new coming life and its tremendous changes.

Your wellbeing is our only concern


Individual wellbeing programs are offered in order to help you in your physical and psychological recovery, relieve your tensions and build a positive attitude towards the new rhythms in your life, or simply to relax. COCOON creates the ideal conditions, a bubble of serenity around the newborn and his or her parents.



Breastfeeding, newborn care, sleep patterns: so many questions that go hand in hand with individual support, caring and information sharing. COCOON offers a place where listening is key, individual and personalized support: answering parents’ expectations, professional support for baby care, nutrition and adapting to the new rhythms of life.



A place where you can recharge in a peaceful and secure environment, maximising your experience during the first moments with your newborn. COCOON welcomes the new parents to a unique stay, right after delivery or in the weeks following.